Terms and Conditions on the websites that belong to this project called webismoi.com, webizmoi.com and webizmoi.fr
• 1.Subject 
 These terms and conditions are intended to define the terms under which the project WebiZmoi acting as a web advertising consultant, having its head office in La Rochelle, France, offers its customers real advertisers and advertisers of luxury goods, and service of ads for sale or rent, and products corporate communications or advertisements in its portals and with its partner’s network. 
• 2. Acceptance of Terms of Use 
 Any purchase of a Purchase Order to WebiZmoi constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use ("Terms"). The Client declares accordingly, have read these Terms and agrees to abide by them. Any addition, modification or deletion which would be increased over these "Terms" shall be enforceable to WebiZmoi, countersigned by the latter. 
• 3. Definitions 
 In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms, unless otherwise specified, the following meanings: Customer means any corporation or individual having the status of the owner, service provider or agent duly authorized to publish an advertisement and/or advertising for the property, hereinafter also called "Advertiser. " Agreement: is an advertising order and/or Order Form. Real Estate Website: website WebiZmoi which the client wished to publicize its ads or communication products. 
• 4. Subscription Contract 
 Subscribing to services delivered by WebiZmoi effected by the signing of a Purchase Order, at the rate shown on it. WebiZmoi reserves the right to revise its prices at any time. If it appears that the Client is indebted to WebiZmoi under other contracts, and in the absence of a serious challenge to the claim, WebiZmoi reserves the right to demand immediate payment of any new contract. 
• 5. Disclaimer 
 • 5.1 The Customer acknowledges that he is the sole and exclusive author of the text of the ad. Otherwise, he says have all the rights and authorizations necessary for the dissemination thereof. If the Customer says himself as a realtor, he confirms that he is in possession of the documents or rights allowing him to rent or sell to third parties. • 5.2 WebiZmoi intervene in any way in the drafting of ads to show who is the sole responsibility of the Client that sent unless an agreement between WebiZmoi and the client has been spent. The photographs of the goods advertised are provided by the Client and are broadcast as delivered. However, WebiZmoi reserves the right not to publish a photo overloaded, poor quality, or unrelated to the announcement. WebiZmoi reserves also the right to simply refuse any ad text, which in its opinion, seems inconsistent with the purposes of the service offered, or seemed likely to provoke protests from others, or which contravene the legal provisions. The Client expressly undertakes to ensure WebiZmoi possibly from any liability incurred by WebiZmoi. • • 5.3 The Client acknowledges being informed of the nature and limitations of the Internet and in particular, recognizes that WebiZmoi cannot be held responsible for problems of data transmission, connection or unavailable network, nor speeds access to or operation of any non-Internet network given the potential size of the global networks and complexity of hardware and software installed on the servers of companies. WebiZmoi will not be held responsible for any delivery problems or failure of telephone communication or technical problems beyond its control affecting the dissemination of information concerning the goods offered. • 5.4 The Customer acknowledges that as a middle party, WebiZmoi is merely under an obligation of means, and can not guarantee the performance of ads distributed or produced by him. 
• 6. Ads or products 
 The contract takes effect upon the signing of the Order so that the parties are required to perform the services contracted for, without the possibility of withdrawal.  
 7. Billing & Regulations 
 All invoices are payable in La Rochelle. Our bills are neither novation or waiver of this clause conferring jurisdiction. The products are due the day to sign the order. Regular customers may, however, to the prior agreement of WebiZmoi, to adjust their (s) invoice (s) under the conditions set forth below: • - 30 days, month-end, 10th of the month, by transfer, without discount. • Any delay in payment will automatically: 
 • - Suspend the contract, • - Oblige the immediate payment of all outstanding sums invoiced and orders not yet invoiced • - Claim the immediate payment to the delivery of any new order placed online or suspension of execution, • - bring a billing default interest calculated at the legal rate in force on the invoice and receipt adjustable by check, • - lead to the enforceability of an indemnity of 15% of amounts due as a penalty, in addition to any legal costs. WebiZmoi wishes to provide the Customer with any supporting material to the bill, according to the status of existing technology.  
• 8. Suspension and termination of service by WebiZmoi   In case of non-payment or part payment by the Client, and after formal notice to Customer, without reply within eight days after its receipt, the Service may be suspended by WebiZmoi. The Service will also be suspended or terminated under the same conditions if the Customer fails to fulfil any of its obligations under the Contract. In any case under this section, the invoices are due to WebiZmoi, without the Customer can claim damages and/or compensation of any nature whatsoever. 
• 9. Customer Commitments • • 9.1 The Customer undertakes to provide, upon subscription of the contract and throughout the duration of the broadcast of announcements and/or products, credentials to date. Therefore, Customer is solely responsible for the information communicated to WebiZmoi. In addition, the Customer undertakes to inform WebiZmoi within 15 days of any change in the information is provided during the subscription contract. • 9.2 IDs for access to the private part on the site are strictly personal. The customer agrees to keep confidential manner and bear all consequences. • 9.3 The Customer undertakes to use the Service to which he subscribed in accordance with the purpose for which it was defined and marketed. The Client is aware that any change of use is prohibited including the marketing of the Service and/or the use of trademarks and logos belong to WebiZmoi. The customer is responsible for the use of Service access. Customer agrees to be the only user of the services sold by WebiZmoi, which should be used only by the person signing the contract, and never sold to third parties without the prior consent of WebiZmoi. IDs and passwords for connecting to the services offered by WebiZmoi are in no way transferable to third parties. • 9.4 The Client is solely responsible for any damage caused by himself or one of its employees to the Customer and/or its subsidiaries or third parties because of its use of the Service. • 9.5 As regards the exploitation of databases, the Customer notifies WebiZmoi, once it becomes aware of any act of competition, including parasitic, pillaging or otherwise, could harm the services operated by WebiZmoi. 
• 10. Commitments WebiZmoi 
• WebiZmoi is responsible for putting in place the resources necessary for the proper functioning of the Service. It shall take measures necessary to maintain continuity and quality of service.

WebiZmoi SAS with a capital of 1000€ registered in Paris under number 888 250 065 R.C.S Paris with headquarter located 10 rue de Penthièvre 75008 Paris.